A redwoods setting for art

The second annual “Environmental Art: Artists Working with Nature” took place at the Gualala Art Center in Gualala, CA, in September/October 2005. Not only is Gualala a beautiful waterfront community, but the contemporary, yet rustic-looking Art Center is situated on grounds that would make you think you were deep in a redwood forest. Trails about a mile long bring you in, out, and around the site. Art pieces are sprinkled throughout, and are not always that easy to find. Besides the environmental art, which makes statements about nature’s presence, the site has zen-like landscaping, leading guests across wooden decks and into sacred-looking intimate spaces. The outdoor amphitheatre allows for all sorts of performances, again in a gorgeous natural setting. Even if you can’t make it to this exhibition, it is well worth the windy trip along Hwy. 1 and California’s coastline to experience art in nature and to visit the Gualala Art Center. The following photos reflect both the look and feel of the Art Center grounds and some of the art currently in the exhibit. For more information, visit their website.

Photos copyright 2005 by Sue Labouvie

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