Photos copyright 2005 by Sue Labouvie



Sonoma County Museum commits to eco exhibitions

“Photographing nature is always about looking at nature and making it over again in our own minds. It allows us to experience the natural world and to create an image of it that reflects our sensibilities and aesthetics.” Steven Galloway

The opening reception for NextNature: Steven Galloway Photographs took place on September 17, 2005 at the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa, California. The show is part of the museum’s exhibition program to promote ecoartists and sustainability as expressed through the arts and creativity. Chief Curator Patricia Watts is already working on her next major exhibition featuring sustainable food and slow food connections. The Sonoma area has a heritage of progressive food growers and sustainable agricultural values. The word was also out that the architect for the museum’s new building addition will feature ‘green building’ techniques.

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